Feb 2020

Liquor Marketing

Graphic Design and Illustration
Motion Graphics and Animation
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Independent Liquor Retailers - Local Liquor


A collection of content we made for Local Liquor's digital and social media marketing channels via the guidance and expertise of Planet Media. Local Liquor had a strong existing brand identity but was looking to expand their online presence in new ways on Facebook and Instagram, as well as through Google Display Ads and other digital marketing campaigns. Working with the brilliant team at Planet Media we created a huge variety of content for all of these outlets, including (but not limited to) designing advertisements for drink specials, video ads like a Father's Day campaign as well as animated catalogues, Display Ads that centered around particular events such as Fathers Day or Supercheap Auto Bathurst, and our favourite piece; a particularly spicy suite of graphics that plastered the front page of the Canberra Times on U.S Election Day 2020.

Various assets used in these images may be the property of Independent Liquor Retailers, Planet Media, or their respective brands.

Our approach

Make it pop

Our standout content applies tried-and-tested design principles to new methods, with the aims of grabbing the attention of content-fatigued social media users. The content that we created for Local Liquor is based on promoting periodic specials on their social media marketing channels.

The services we provided included graphic composites, illustrations, rearranging designs for various formats, motion graphic campaigns, as well as animated catalogues.

Video Marketing (click to view)

US Election Day Campaign

One of our favourite projects in our Liquor Marketing work was creating a series of marketing images that plastered the Canberra Times front page on the day of the US Election in 2020. We had a lot of fun with this one; the project featured a variety of elements ranging from Trump and Biden silhouettes visible in shot glasses, to the Statue of Liberty raising a bottle of wine.

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